Solution Design and Management

Our clients appreciate our single point of contact for project management, data model development, and reporting delivery.  Though there is a need for a specialist from time to time, our experts show up with all the tools in their toolbox be it assisting in refining requirements to ensuring the final output answers the requirements intent rather than just how it is written.

Birst Implementation

Our consultants have significant expertise across a number of different  Industries, Solutions, and use cases which enables them to pull good ideas that have been specifically implemented in Birst from a large backlog of experience.  They can therefore leverage more templated approaches where appropriate while breaking from the routine where the business requirement justifies it.

Solution Support

Fact Effect's commitment to your success does not end with delivering your solution into production.  As we have experience through design and development as well as solution support we are continually thinking ahead to help you create solutions that not only answer then needs of today, but also are maintainable for the long term.  Analytical solution requirements are only as static as the business and we have yet to find a completely static business.

From Visioning to Support

Getting the answers needed to drive a business in front of decision difference makers in a manner and format that effective and efficient decisions is no minor achievement.  It requires the application of several disciplines in concert to bring information to your employees that is:

  • Valuable – Specifically tailored to your difference maker's needs. My Accounts in order of attention needed not the Global Account List in Alphabetical Order.
  • Actionable – Supplied when an action needs to be completed or when an Client’s action is expected.
  • Timely – Nuggets that are of value today or this hour, not a list for the foreseeable future.
  • Digestible – Focused on what is useful at the point of decision to pull together what is required for confident decisioning or choice.
  • Accessible – Available without forcing additional logins, checking shared drives, etc. as close to the current path of activity.
  • Pervasive – Though at different elevations supporting both management and front line with the same data so that their world views though different are driven by the same facts.

Nailing the above aspects of an analytics solution can make the difference between a mission critical value to the business and a colossal failure costing the organization capital as well as the opportunity cost of not actually getting something of value.